Enhance Your Workouts With the Fitness Pump App

With Unitree's PUMP, you get more than a resistance band or medicine ball could ever offer. The PUMP gives you all the benefits of a large exercise machine, without the bulk or price tag. You can work out 90% of muscle groups with just one 10x10x6 cm device. This allows you to supplement your gym routine and stay on track for your fitness goals.

All that said, the standout feature of the PUMP is actually its app. When you purchase the PUMP, you get free lifetime access to the best fitness app for Android and Apple users. The Fitness Pump app has everything you want in a health app, from calorie tracking to personal training and so much more. This home gym app can be hugely beneficial to your fitness journey. Read on to learn more about what this cutting-edge app has to offer. 

What Is Unitree's Full Pump?

Not familiar with Unitree's PUMP? This small but mighty machine uses a powerful robot tech motor. This innovative motor allows you to customise your workouts with anywhere from 2-20 kg resistance (up to 160 kg on heavy core lifts). The resistance is smooth and stable like you'd expect from a bigger and more expensive machine. 

With the PUMP, you can work your core, glutes, arms, back, legs, and chest with just one compact device. You can do over 100 exercises and easily adjust the intensity and duration of your workouts to suit your needs. So, how can you add/subtract weight, log workouts, and follow exercises with one device? It's all made possible by the Fitness Pump app.

How the Fitness Pump App Enhances Your Workouts

The Fitness Pump app goes beyond what you'd expect from your typical workout tracker app. People exercise for different reasons and have different goals they're trying to reach. That's why we've made an app that can support everyone's unique fitness journey. 

1. Track Your Workouts and Calories

If you want an app for tracking calories, the Fitness Pump app is an excellent choice. Calorie tracking isn't the right choice for everyone, but for many, it can be a valuable tool on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Ensure you're eating enough to support your goals by logging your meals and reviewing nutritional information with ease. 

With the Fitness Pump app, you can log much more than calories. The app tracks your reps, distance pulled, and other data in real time so you can properly progress and pace your workouts from one session to the next. This is incredibly convenient and can do wonders for motivation, as you can look back weeks or months to see how far you've progressed. 

2. Participate in a Supportive Community

One downside of working out at home was that you missed out on the community of a gym...until now. The Fitness Pump app allows you to participate in a community digitally, no matter where you are. You can share your wins and milestones with friends, read encouraging comments, and leave comments for others. You can even use the community feature to get in on some friendly competition! 

3. Use Smart Weight Selection and Workout Modes

With smart weight selection, you can target and isolate muscles and progress from session to session. You can also choose between 5 workout modes, including concentric and eccentric. These modes will adjust the tension in real time so you can have a more challenging and effective workout. It's like having a personal trainer in your pocket that's motivating you and adjusting the weight on your behalf. 

4. Access Personal Training Courses

Working out at home doesn't mean you have to go it alone. Through the Fitness Pump app, you can access 17+ goal-specific training programs, with more being added all the time. You can also find demonstrations and guides for 100+ exercises. This ensures that you'll get the most out of your PUMP while building your strength, stamina, or size (depending on your goals).

5. Take Your Gym With You

One of the best features of the PUMP is its compact design and portability. You can take it anywhere, whether you're at a resort or out of town visiting a friend. The same is true of the app. If you have an internet connection, you can access the community, log calories, track your progress, and more from anywhere in the world. 

The Ultimate Fitness App for Android/Apple

You don't need big expensive exercise equipment to work out outside the gym. With the PUMP and the Fitness Pump app, you can do custom workouts for 90% of your muscle groups, no matter where you are. 

If you'd like to experience the PUMP and the fantastic app that comes with it, you're welcome to try it risk-free for 90 days. If you decide to return it within that window, we'll give you a full refund. Have questions about the app, the PUMP, or anything else? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Need More Info? Check Out Our FAQs…

Do you ship to Australia?

Yes! In fact, we currently only ship to Australian addresses.

What Makes Unitree PUMP Unique From Other Workout Equipment?

It’s the world’s FIRST motor-powered, all-in-one smart pocket gym. Unlike other traditional fitness equipment, you can easily carry your PUMP around and anchor it on a door, a chair, your foot, and everything you wish. And unlike other portable fitness machines, PUMP is the first one with a built-in motor that can smartly control resistance.

Can I use Unitree PUMP at home / the office / when I travel / outside?

PUMP is made to go wherever life takes you. Your PUMP includes:

  • Door Anchor for you to fix your PUMP to a door
  • Annular Fixing Belt to fix your PUMP on any place that is stable

After anchoring, you can attach your Pull Rope Handle or Ankle Fixing Accessories with the click-in system and start your training.

Is it possible for me to carry my Unitree PUMP around?

Unitree PUMP only weighs 700g, which is as light as a bottle of water. With its compact design, you can grab it with one hand and put it into your bag with ease.

How do I train with PUMP?

Unitree PUMP is perfect for all fitness lovers, from beginners to advanced, and from young to elder.

How do I get the Fitness Pump app?

Take your fitness to the next level with the Fitness Pump app, available for download on both the App Store and Google Play.

You can start with one PUMP (maximum resistance of 20kgs) for basic training

Use it as a smart resistance band for dumbbells, cable machine, led extensions or hamstring curls, rows, and other traditional exercise equipment. With only one PUMP, you can exercise nearly every muscle in your body.

PUMP also allows you to perform more advanced and professional training.

You can use 2 together to perform bilateral weight training or up to 8 PUMPs (maximum resistance of 160kg) at the same time if you wish. And with our accessories, you can use them as a barbell, rowing machine, smith machine, etc, and perform professional training. PUMP is a fitness machine that is full of possibilities.

It's only small… does it REALLY give an incredible workout?

Yes! Each PUMP can provide a weight resistance range from 2-20kg. Thanks to the built-in patented motor, PUMP gives smooth and accurate resistance to ensure a scientific workout experience that prevents muscle strains and accidental rope rebounds.

Does PUMP support concentric training and eccentric training?

There is five training modes for you to choose from:

  1. Standard mode – adjust the pull out resistance, in weight, from 2-20kg. PUMP will automatically adjust the pull in resistance to slightly less than the pull out resistance.
  2. Concentric mode – adjust the pull out resistance, in weight, from 5-20kg, with the pull in resistance adjustment ratio from 0% up to 50% of the pull out resistance.
  3. Eccentric mode – adjust the pull in resistance from 5-20kg, with the pull out resistance adjustment ratio from 0% up to 50% of the pull in resistance.
  4. Constant mode – adjust the maximum pull out resistance from 5-20kg, with the faster you pull out the greater the resistance.
  5. Chain mode – adjust the maximum resistance from 5-20kg, with start of pull out and end of pull in resistance adjustment ratio from 0% up to 50%.
Can my PUMP be a power bank to charge my phone?

PUMP can charge your smartphone in 3 easy steps:

  • Turn on the PUMP by pulling on the cable.
  • Connect your smartphone charge cable to PUMP.
  • Short tap the PUMP power button to start charging. 

For safety, please do not train with PUMP when it’s charging your smartphone.

Rated 5-Stars By Fitness Lovers

Best portable gym. Period.

It's small, compact and well built. This is by far the best "portable gym" solution I have found.  It's a game changer.


Loving it so far!

I really love this little machine does what it says. The app is free and easy to use. I love that it is portable and easy to use. Battery charge last quite a while I used it for 2 hours and still had some juice left. I love it!


Work out in a box and on the Go!

This is GREAT for anyone wanting to get a good work out but doesn't want to spend a fortune and space on a full "gym" or set of weights.


Amazing and innovative piece of home/portable gym equipment.

In my work as a health and fitness professional, I have to be familiar with all things exercise/training/rehab including equipment. This device is impressive. Anything you can do with a cable or band, you can do with this, and a little more…


A very unique, usable, and portable exercise machine

At 6' 2", I'm a bit on the taller side with long limbs and the "rope" is more than long enough for me to get full extension on any exercise. It feels like the resistance is very even all the way through and you don't get the "drop off" at the ends.


Just what I need

This tiny machine replaced my bands and cable system. It is easy to set up and use. It comes with an app to track your workout.


Never knew I needed this

First off, the packaging and unboxing experience of this product is awesome. I love that it connects to an app that gives you detailed information on how this product works and offers different videos to work out with. It comes with all the essentials that you need to be able to work out/lift weights from home. It’s great if you only have a small place for your workout routine.


Compact and very easy to use

I go to the gym regularly. I haven’t used resistance bands much, and I wasn’t sure how effective this kit would be, but I’m really impressed. It would be ideal if you don’t have time to go to the gym, if you for some reason don’t want to, or if you’re often away and want to take a means of working out with you.


Potentially a game changer

Wow, this is quite literally a potential game changer in personal fitness. The app allows you to increase/decrease resistance to suit, and the numerous exercises possible with this cable work out give your body a complete workout. I think it's a fantastic item, and when using it with the app you can really feel the Burn.


Easy to set up

Really easy to set up and makes working out at home fun. Can link to your phone and adjust the resistance so it’s like using weights without all the bulky equipment. Really impressed with this small bit of kit.